David LaChappelle Attacks Gallery Owner



Happy Birthday to American artist and photographer David LaChappelle! For the past week David LaChappelle seems to be hitting the headlines in the photography world, born on this day in 1963 and better known for his images of Madonna, Michael Jackson, Elton John and other celebrities, LaChappelle has recently been in the public eye for an alleged attack on a gallery owner.

David LaChappelle has been accused of allegedly beating and choking gallery owner, James Parmenter. James Parmenter is suing David LaChappelle for 1 million dollars (£663,000) for an accused attack that happened last year.

The alleged attack took place at the house of David LaChappelle’s former manager (Fred Torres) who Chappelle is also reportedly sued for supposedly cheating him out of millions of dollars from sales of his work.


I can’t imagine that this was much a fight, LaChappelle’s faux ghetto look is more Vanilla Ice than 50cent and in regards to a beating, more bitch slaps than fisty cuffs, none the less entertaining.

A representative on behalf of the photographer has denied the claims and no other comment from either party has been released. Happy Birthday David! Lets hope you get a better present than a law suit. If you want to see more of David LaChappelle’s work, you can do here.

Music blogged to- The Libertines ‘Up The Bracket’ (2000), Listen to album on Spotify.

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