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Tim Walker- Story Teller Exhibition at Somerset House

(East Wing Gallery) Somerset House, London, WC2R 1LA

18th Oct 2012- 27th Jan 2013

Tim Walker is renown for his elaborate editorial shoots and the Story Teller exhibition is a retrospective of Teller’s influence on the world of fashion and photography.

A carefully edited selection of Walkers photographs, the Story Teller exhibition is a world where magic exists, where fashion becomes a fairy tale. The exhibition feels like an invite to the Mad Hatter’s tea party. A world which at its at its heart is quintessentially english, ideals of sipping from china tea cups and eating Victoria sponge cakes but darker undertones resonant throughout the exhibition, where Walker takes more of a Brothers Grimm approach to his storytelling.

Referencing fairy tales his images pull on the darker side of fantasy, his eccentrically crafted sets capture the imagination and transport you to world of hallucinatory images and installations. His images are as elaborately sewn together as the couture garments he photographs.

With Walkers photography the focus of the exhibition the specially constructed, larger than life props and models spill out from the frames. A giant grotesque doll, a bumble bee playing the cello, snails sliding down the walls and towering skeletons sit next to and accompany his stylised prints.  Alongside Walkers fashion photographs a select display of portraits are displayed, in comparison to the dreamy narratives woven through his fashion imagery, Walkers portraits of iconic designers appear stark in contrast; Alexander Mcqueen and Vivienne Westwood to name a few.

The Story Teller exhibition unfolds as an insight insight into Walkers process and the mechanics behind his large scale sets and the designs of the couture labels he photographs. Story Teller bring is an exhibition which brings together fashion, glamour and the surreal.

Can’t make the exhibition?

Sponsored by Mulberry and on show at Somerset House. Tim Walker’s Story Teller It is also available in book format, Walker has produced an accompanying book which coincides with the exhibition.¬†The book is available now.

To see more of Tim Walker’s work visit his website here.