Portfolio Review- Isabelle Wenzel ‘Building Images’

Isabelle Wenzel- Building Images

‘I have never worked in an office and found it fascinating to see how functional and minimal the movements of people are in such a space. It made me wonder how long I could keep on sitting still’

Wenzel contorts her body like a circus acrobat into humorous positions which are not without a strange tension. Her contorted static positions translate the absurdity of office behaviours and movements. Sitting still for a minimum of 8 hours, surrounded by the same colleagues, everyday, for the majority of your life, Wenzel explores the office environment unsure whether she would be able to sit still for that amount of time.


IsabelleWenzel_Folder Isabelle-Wenzel-Building-Images-05Isabelle-Wenzel-Building-Images-01

See more at isabelle-wenzel.com

Music blogged to- Beach House ‘Devotion’ (2009)

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