Portfolio Review- Sophia Wise ‘A Childless Woman’

I thought I would share a small edit from one of my own projects.

Sophia Wise- A Childless Woman

Throughout this project I return to key locations within a rural folk tale as an attempt to trace the life of a young girl who committed suicide after the shame of falling pregnant out of wedlock was brought upon her. Mirroring her steps through oral folklore. In doing so I use my local knowledge of the area and the landscape surrounding me to create images which propose a juxtaposition between a beautiful landscape and scenes which allude to death and loss.

tumblr_loc23g7bcQ1qhwsogo1_1280 tumblr_loc23g7bcQ1qhwsogo2_1280 tumblr_loc23g7bcQ1qhwsogo3_r1_1280tumblr_loc23g7bcQ1qhwsogo4_r1_1280 tumblr_loc23g7bcQ1qhwsogo5_r1_1280

Music blogged to- Washed out ‘Within and Without’ (2001)

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