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Keliy Anderson Staley- Off The Grid

‘Photographer Keliy Anderson-Staley grew up in a log cabin in Maine as part of a community who live ‘off the grid’. This means no electricity, no plumbing, and no phone lines; a community that’s chosen to disconnect entirely from America’s energy resources in an attempt to escape certain aspects of the modern world that they otherwise find suffocating.’

I first came across Keliy’s work whilst reading platform magazine, her photography makes me think of the photographic lovechild which could be spawned from combining the work of Clare Richardson’s muted and pictorially rich documentation of marginal communities and Tom Hunters colourful engagement of the people photographed within his ‘Travellers’ series.

I believe it is Keliys invaluable insight and understanding of these communities which allows us to focus upon the details of the material worlds built around the generations of families which reside within this makeshift village. A gentle and un-judging engagement with a lifestyle residing outside of contemporary society.

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