Photoworks Magazine October-April Issue

Photoworks commissions, exhibits and publishes work from emerging and established photographic practitioners.

This is the latest issue of the Photoworks magazine Autumn/Winter (Ocotber-April 2012/2013) titled ‘Agents of Change: Photography and the Politics of Space’. Also acting as the catalogue for the Brighton Photo Biennial.

With this being Photowork’s biggest ever issue it is ultimately a bit disappointing, still filled with interviews, reviews and newly commissioned writing expanding on the Brighton Photo Biennial’s theme. This edition examines how space is constructed and controlled and how photography is implicated in these processes. As a review the theme is boring and also seems like cop out by combining the BPB festival catalogue and an additional 6 months worth of publishing dates into one magazine.






Pick up a copy here.  Each issue is around  £12, the magazine used to be more regular, perhaps bi-monthly but now it only comes out twice a year for some reason. If you are interested in photography then Photoworks is a magazine worth a read but perhaps invest your money in some back issues rather than this latest edition.

Music blogged to- ‘Grizzly Bear, Shields’ 2012

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