Artist Talk- Anna Fox Desert Island Pics

Anna Fox has been working in photography and video for over twenty years, influenced by the British documentary tradition and nominated for the Deutsche Borse Photography prize in 2010. Anna Fox is Professor of Photography at University of creative arts Farnham.

Anna Fox’s Desert Island Photography Picks-

On Sunday I attended the first in a series of talks curated by Photoworks ‘Desert Island Pics’. Photographer Anna Fox was in conversation with Stephen Bull discussing the 8 photographs she would take if castaway to a desert island. Throughout the talk it was clear how much passion for the medium Anna possesses and how photography is not just a job but part of her life.

I’ve picked a few of my favourite images shown by Anna from the talk, three photos are from Anna’s private collection and three photos are work by other photographic practitioners.

1. Fathers photograph of car


An image that reflects her inherited love for adventure but also an image which suggests the start of a journey, the image where it all began. During the discussion of this photograph Anna spoke about her Father as a keen photographer and how she found photography through her Father’s passion for the medium.

2. Felix flying with the magic cape


A photograph of her son wearing a magic cape that was made for him, this photograph convinced Felix as a child, that he could actually fly. Highlighting the magic and illusion of photography.

3. Found Photograph, The Painted Cow


This was a photograph brought for Anna by her husband from a car boot sale, a found photograph which turned out to be postcard. Anna spoke about how this image acted as a conversation opener to many discussions as to why the cow is painted.

4. Sophie Ristelhueber from the series ‘Everyone’


5. Paul Grahams ‘Untitled’ from the Belfast series


6. Nan Goldin’s self portrait titled ‘Nan One Month After Being Battered’


A very close, informal discussion where Anna Fox discussed her photographic selections and how these photographs have helped shape and develop her career. See more of Anna Fox’s own work here.

Music blogged to- ‘Grizzly Bear, Shields’ (2012)

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