Modest Beginnings

Modest Beginnings.

I’ve decided I should start my own blog, I’m all talk and no action, fur coat no knickers, all bark and no bite, so to put an end to this I will be writing and uploading blog posts a few times a week, eventually daily.

About me- I’m a photography graduate, based in London/Brighton, currently working in advertising and sales, I am also interning at Hotshoe International, a photography snob, arts writer and lover of printed matter and good self publishing (magazines, books and zines).

This post pretty much does what it says on the tin, an awkward first post. Slightly daunted by the idea of voicing my opinion outside the confinements of my own head or my small (very small) social group, I am currently staring at a big blank screen of nothing, not sure what to start with. So this post is a starting point.. Well at least it can’t get much worse than this.

I will be using this space to write about everything photography; exhibition reviews, artist and photographer portfolios, reporting on the latest book releases and photography news. Basically dedicating my time to showcasing contemporary photography and what’s on in the world of photography and arts.

Whilst I am getting to grips with ‘blogging’ check out my Twitter feed (@sophiajwise), you can follow me on Twitter here.¬†Follow for tweets about everything photography, fashion, film and music related.

Music blogged to: Toy (2012)

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  1. For recent updates on my blog posts and photography follow me on Twitter @sophiajwise

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