Impossible Project Launch The Iphone Polaroid App



The Product (Instant Iphone Lab):

Gadget lust, a great new gadget from the impossible project team. I couldn’t help getting excited about this great new product. The impossible team have managed to bring back Polaroid production and they have now managed to bridge the gap between digital and analog photography with the ‘instant lab’ meaning that an Iphone can now produce Polaroid images (and no this isn’t some crazy Instagram filter, an actual material object, a real Polaroid).

The Instant Lab, from Vision to Reality:

I received this update through the impossible project e-shot that arrived in my inbox a few days ago. Polaroid has always had a special place in my heart and I use my Iphone camera daily, so by combing the ability to turn my Iphoneography into real life instant photos makes my long lusted dream a reality.

However the dream doesn’t come for free and ultimately with prices starting at just under £100 I was a little disappointed but in all fairness once this Instant lab hits the manufacture belts I won’t be able to resist. Hallelujah for Polaroid and Hallelujah for Impossible film, making the impossible a reality.

Visit to view a video which explains this project and production in more detail.

If £100 is out of your budget but you would still like your Iphone pictures or Instagram photographs as material objects than a cheaper option would be to use Printsagram. Printsagram is a new app that has developed through the success of Instagram, it’s a reasonably priced printing service which takes your Instagram photography and turns your digital files into printed objects, prices start from as little as £8 for 48 square prints. Visit the Printsagram website here.

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